Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-501 cover
This walkman became famous through its monkey commercials. Known in the US and Canada as the WM-601.
Sony WM-503 cover
Without the bulk of the headphone reeling device it could be made very thin, in fact it was the smallest model in the range of that year.
Sony WM-504 cover
The clear cover reveals the entire graphical design of cassette tapes. This edition was lithographed by Andy Warhol.
Sony WM-505 cover
Key to this models compactness is the use of a slim ni-cad battery in both the player and the headphones wireless receiver.
Sony WM-506 cover
Wireless model with HOT LINE function
Sony WM-507 cover
Compact wireless receiver
Sony WM-509 cover

Sony WM-509

1988“The sound beauty person”
Has the beautiful appearance and the sound, in the advertisement slogan is called "the sound beauty person".
Sony WM-51 cover
This beautiful "designer styled" model was based loosely around the mechanical parts of the WM-F107.
Sony WM-52 cover
A more flexible way to store headphones.
Sony WM-55 cover
Affordable price and a wealth of features
Sony WM-60 cover
Interesting model with 5 band graphic equalizer.
Sony WM-600 cover
Novel remote control, and side A/B indicator
Sony WM-607 cover
SONY wm-607 single player with remote control
Sony WM-609 cover
The evolved version of "sonic beauty" wm-509 is also the female version of wm-607.
Sony WM-7 cover

Sony WM-7

The first ever Walkman to have auto reverse and (basic) inline remote control unit. It is one of the most complex of all the Walkman models, and the only one model ever to be released with 3 motors. Only one motor is used for tape transport though.
Sony WM-70 cover
Release in Canada and the US; in AEP, E, and UK as the otherwise identical WM-50.
Sony WM-701C cover
It was a combination of all features that made the 701C a milestone in the history of walkmans.
Sony WM-701S cover

Sony WM-701S

1989“Commemorative 10th Anniversary Edition”
'A shinier WM-701C'. High quality sound became the basis for the 10th anniversary model. A silver-plated Tiffany version was also available.
Sony WM-702 cover
The 1990 SONY wm-702 has a wire control of indicator lights and sound cues.