Catalog of All Walkman models

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Sony WA-5000 cover
A 7-band radio cassette-corder, with built-in microphone. 4xAA caddy can also be found in the earlier D6 and later D6C.
Sony WM-D6C cover

Sony WM-D6C

1984“Daddy C(ool)”
The daddy of the Walkman cassette range, produced for pro users with a host of features.
Sony WM-D6 cover

Sony WM-D6

The WM-D6 at first looks like a rather large personal stereo, but is really more like a miniaturised TC-D5 portable cassette deck.
Sony WA-33 cover
Walkman Radio, with antenna, and with bultin loudspeaker.
Sony WA-6000 cover
A 7-band radio cassette-corder, with built-in microphone, cue and review, and instant recording
Sony WA-8000 cover
Sony's compact stereo radio cassette recorder with 9-band analog tuner, and a digital clock with alarm.
Panasonic RQ-J6 cover
True line-out!
Philips D6270 cover
Voice activated cassette recorder, diktafon walkman
Sony WM-1 cover
Although the name might be misleading, it is the 3rd personal stereo cassette player to be announced by Sony.
Sony WA-77 cover
Sony's practically compact stereo radio cassette recorder from 1982.
Toshiba KT-S3 cover
The KT-S3 was the 3rd in the KT-S series. It could be equipped with tuner pack RP-S2 for FM radio reception.
Sony WM-7 cover

Sony WM-7

The first ever Walkman to have auto reverse and (basic) inline remote control unit. It is one of the most complex of all the Walkman models, and the only one model ever to be released with 3 motors. Only one motor is used for tape transport though.
Sony WM-4 cover
This second-generation budget model replaced the WM-1. Offering similar facilities, it was three quarters of the size.
Sony TPS-L2 cover

Sony TPS-L2

1979“Guys & Dolls”
The TPS-L2 was the first commercially available personal stereo cassette player.
Sony WM-3 cover

Sony WM-3

1981“Renamed TPS-L2”
Sony WM-3EX cover

Sony WM-3EX

The excellent generation Sony Walkman is impeccably finished in fine satin gold and exudes a luxurious gold bling look.
Sony WM-R2 cover
Recording Walkman with high sensitive stereo capacitance microphone.
Panasonic RQ-J55 cover
4-track 2-channel stereo playback
Sony WM-F2 cover
The WM-F2 was a remarkably well-featured unit. Contained radio and could record, either from the radio or from an external source.