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Sony TPS-L2 cover

Sony TPS-L2

1979“Guys & Dolls”
Description: The TPS-L2 was the first commercially available personal stereo cassette player. Created by Akio Morita, Masaru Ibuka (the co-fo
Sony WM-2 cover

Sony WM-2

1981“Walkman 2”
Description: This milestone walkman was the second walkman after the legendary TPS-L2 and set the base design for all the DD line.
Sony WM-3 cover
Description: WM-3 was the new number for the TPS-L2.
Sony WM-3EX cover

Sony WM-3EX

Description: The excellent generation Sony Walkman is impeccably finished in fine satin gold and exudes a luxurious gold bling look.
Sony WM-1 cover
Description: The third personal stereo cassette player to be announced by Sony.
Sony WM-7 cover
Description: The first ever Walkman to have auto reverse. Arguably the most complex of all the Walkman models.
Sony WM-D6 cover

Sony WM-D6

1982 Professional
Description: The WM-D6 at first looks like a rather large personal stereo, but is really more like a miniaturised TC-D5 portable cassette deck.
Sony WM-DD cover
Description: The first model of the 'disc drive' series, the WM-DD, was introduced in 1982, and had a solid reputation for performance.
Sony WM-F2 cover
Description: The WM-F2 was a remarkably well-featured unit. Contained radio and could record, either from the radio or from an external source.
Sony WM-R2 cover
Description: Recording Walkman with high sensitive stereo capacitance microphone.
Sony WM-4 cover
Description: This second-generation budget model replaced the WM-1. Offering similar facilities, it was three quarters of the size.
Sony WA-33 cover
Description: Walkman Radio, with antenna, and with bultin loudspeaker.
Sony WM-5 cover
Description: WM-2 based model, but the casework was made from pressed metal.
Panasonic RQ-J20X cover
Description: The world’s first Walkman equipped with a noise reduction system.
Sony WM-20 cover
Description: Product developed based on creating a Walkman roughly the size of a cassette case.
Sony WM-F20 cover
Description: The WM-F20 was very similar to the WM-F10. The only changes of note were that the hinges and slides were made a little stronger...
Sony WM-F5 cover
Description: The first Walkman developed for use during outdoor activities. Marked the first appearance of the distinctive yellow seen in later sports mo
Sony WM-10 cover

Sony WM-10

1983“Super Walkman”
Description: The Sony WM-10 cassette player was released in the market in 1983. Its tiny size represents a tour-de-force of early 1980’s engineering.
Panasonic RQ-J2 cover
Description: The world Way series’ basic single-release model, with front panel linkage button control, fast-forward and backward