Catalog of All Walkman models

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Sony TPS-L2 cover

Sony TPS-L2

1979“Guys & Dolls”
The TPS-L2 was the first commercially available personal stereo cassette player.
Aiwa TP-S30 cover
Aiwa's ALPHA model, the first AIWA "Walkman" TP-S30. An output beast, capable of pushing 2x33mW through its jacks. It came with different colored stickers to personalize the looks of the HP-M3 headphones.
Panasonic RX-2700 cover
National/Panasonic RX-2700 Radio Cassette Recorder
Sony WM-2 cover

Sony WM-2

1981“Walkman 2”
This milestone walkman was the second walkman after the legendary TPS-L2 and set the form factor for the DD line.
Sony WM-3 cover

Sony WM-3

1981“Renamed TPS-L2”
Sony WM-3EX cover

Sony WM-3EX

The excellent generation Sony Walkman is impeccably finished in fine satin gold and exudes a luxurious gold bling look.
Toshiba KT-VS1 cover

Toshiba KT-VS1

1981“Out of tune(r)”
Tuner RP-AF1 is paired with this unit.
Sanyo MR-333 cover
Unit commonly known as "GAL". Sound quality changeover switch, pitch control, energizing lamp, LR balance adjustment, talk switch for conversation, etc.
Sony WM-1 cover
Although the name might be misleading, it is the 3rd personal stereo cassette player to be announced by Sony.
Panasonic RQ-J9 cover
Stereo cassette player, sporting light, small headphones to listen to your favorite stereo tapes, standard or metal.
Sony WM-7 cover

Sony WM-7

The first ever Walkman to have auto reverse and (basic) inline remote control unit. It is one of the most complex of all the Walkman models, and the only one model ever to be released with 3 motors. Only one motor is used for tape transport though.
Sony WM-D6 cover

Sony WM-D6

The WM-D6 at first looks like a rather large personal stereo, but is really more like a miniaturised TC-D5 portable cassette deck.
Sony WM-DD cover
The first model of the 'disc drive' series, the WM-DD, was introduced in 1982, and had a solid reputation for performance.
Sony WM-F2 cover
The WM-F2 was a remarkably well-featured unit. Contained radio and could record, either from the radio or from an external source.
Sony WM-R2 cover
Recording Walkman with high sensitive stereo capacitance microphone.
AKAI PM-R2 cover
Popular AKAI model, with Radio module in cassette form, and with transparent door.
Panasonic RQ-J6 cover
True line-out!
Panasonic RQ-WJ1 cover
According to National/Panasonic, it was the smallest unit at time of the release and featured a remote control.
Sanyo MR-G1 cover
Besides two headphone jacks, it features a balance dial, a rare feature in Sanyo's early models. It is topped off with Pitch Control, like a microcassette player, for precise adjustments to the tape speed.