As of March 23 2024, there are over 300 models available here!
Many photos we were able to obtain from trusted sources on Instagram, and we always provide credits in the notes on the actual Walkman page.

Retrospectively, we have been added documentation that we have available.
When we have the link to the source, we always provide so you can download a copy for yourself over there!




Very new feature on the site. From now we can tag different walkman models as we want. This way it's possible to connect, describe each model from a new perspective. Yoo can see the active tags on the models own page (right column). Have a toplist from the most populat tags on the homepage. And have a dedicated page, with a tagcloud here:


2023.Sep.29 profile display

From now, You can display, show your profile. Can add, change it on the profile editor. This way we can share our music tastes, and also make contacts. Example:



Smaller improvements, changes landed!

We have added the user confirmation method into the registration process (need to verify new registrations). Created a new RSS feed for the newest models, which is available through: Add it to yor favorite RSS reader, or just join our Discord channel to see it live. At last, on profile editor, You can set your own discord ID to easier contacts, and also set, and show your most played, most important song ever since. Keep the cassettes rolling!



Browse per year

With the new "Years" page, you can explore the Walkman models in the order in which they were released. See the link in the footer, or click



Fixed email issues

We have addressed the email issues during user creation, and password reset.
Our apologies for the inconvenience.



Ascii viewer page

New page landed to display the models parameters, datas. In plain, retro ASCII printer style! Check out:



Inhouse document storage and viewing

We moved our documents library like operating instructions & service manuals, from Gdrive to our own server. With this change, we have implemented an inline PDF viewer, which is usable on all devices, even on mobile devices. See it in action:



Color sample gallery

New subgallery just landed! Now we can add sample photos to each available colors for a model. So, we have more colors now! See:



Server updates, and minor improvements deployed!

First, we have updated our server hosting package: harder, stronger, better, faster. We are testing a CDN service to serve certain files quicker.
Second, the comparer can now simultaneously work up to 4 models. BASF cassette texture was added to the 3D Size comparer.
Next, we've changed how the model popularity was measured, and implemented the "popularity" graph on every models page. Now you can see relatively how active/visited a model is compared to the others.
Then, we added a new weight comparison page available through to models page. Like here:



Minor shutdowns, outages may occur during the day.

We are upgrading, changing things in the background. Thanks for being patient.



New List page!

A new way, new perspective to browse our walkman collection just delivered. The list page offering a simple, plain, fast display.



Size & weight stats!

New linecharts available on the live statistics page. You can watch here how much changed the walkmans sizes, and weights over the years.



New menu/footer system on mobile views.

Sticky navigation improved with a bottom footerbar on mobile devices. Automatic hide/appear depending on the srolling direction. Further minor improvements in the frontends, fonts, javascripts.



Sticky mobile menu, improved catalog page

The menu has been improved: on mobile devices, the menu will now stick to the top without shifting the content. On all devies, the submenu is now better separated visually.
On the catalog page, among other tweaks, there is an analog switcher for the helper section.



Photos from boxedwalkman @ Instagram

We can now reuse photos from the popular boxedwalkman Instagram channel, with permission!
Models for which we have used these photos have a disclaimer.
See the additional notes per model for more information.
Visit the channel:



New carry page & on home favorite model

New carry type overview page has been made available, accessible from the footer.
On the homepage, the model that has been selected as favorite by most users is now also featured.



Full-width catalog, and custom items per page

If you are a registered user, now you have an ability on your profile to change the catalog into fullscreen display.
You can also set how many models you want to display, by choosing any number between 4 and 99.



New quickjumplist!

A new feature, a quick jumplist selector appeared in the footer. With this You can fastforward to any model, from any page.



Site improvements, further developements on the way!

Many new models, more parameters, new functions coming in the future. New release by years chart @ livestat page.



Convert to todays price, and filled data per model

The inital (mostly Japan Yen), official model prices, are now converted into today's price, in USD currency. Maintaining the money inflations. Roughly showing how much You had to work, to buy the actual Walkman in it's released year.
The model data fillrate, "completeness" is now appearing on the catalog page too in a gauge format.



Live stats and more!

Many new improvements, fixes on the way! New 'live' statistics page, from the walkmans from different perspectives at ''. Further more stats will be planned in the future.
New custom font variants (bold/normal) is implemented, no faux bold anymore.
New fonticons use allaround the site. No need to many, extra request to invidual (and rasterized) images.



New thumbnail & cache system

New imagick thumbnail creator. Cropped to center, squared ratio thumbnails, with lower filesizes.
New cache system help the models page to improve page loading times.



3D sketches, 3D size comparer

Rotatable 3D model linked into models details page. At first it's only a sketchfab embed, and available only at few models.
3D size comparer implementet into the page. You can compare walkman models sizes with a standard cassette tape case, or with the comparer you can even compare diemsions between different walkman models.



eBay, YouTube, comparer

Automatic related ebay search results with prices included on the models page. Also the same for YouTube videos, lazyloaded, embedded.
Walkman model comparer in alpha stage, still in developement.


2021.Aug.11 site started

Hosting & .land domain name purchased. Website started, but still in development.