Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-EX910 cover

Sony WM-EX910

2000“Son of EX2000”
An mix between the EX900 and the EX2000. It has the same dimensions as the EX2000, without MEGA Surround and the OFC head.
Sony WM-EX999 cover

Sony WM-EX999

1993“Dual headed”
Dual head playback unit, based on the EX909
Sony WM-F101 cover
3-band radio was added to the hatch door of the wm-101. The body is only the size of the tape box.
Sony WM-F107 cover

Sony WM-F107

1986“Solar Walkman”
The famous "Solar Walkman" was indeed a technological marvel.
Sony WM-F109 cover
First wired remote control, enabling the Walkman to be placed in your bag, but controlled from the outside.
Sony WM-F15 cover
A small, lightweight Walkman with built-in FM/AM
Sony WM-F180 cover
F180 with the new wave of FM radio models
Sony WM-F181 cover
WM-F181 was the first to be compatible with global bands
Sony WM-F2 cover
The WM-F2 was a remarkably well-featured unit. Contained radio and could record, either from the radio or from an external source.
Sony WM-F20 cover
The WM-F20 was very similar to the WM-F10. The only changes of note were that the hinges and slides were made a little stronger...
Sony WM-F203 cover
Walkman with 60 minute quick charging function
Sony WM-F30 cover
A WM-30 with FM/AM/TV tuner and Nude Turbo earbuds
Sony WM-F404 cover
Sony WM F404 Full-Metal Walkman cassette player high-end model
Sony WM-F46 cover
Radio Walkman with recording function and speed control, based on the WM-17
Sony WM-F5 cover

Sony WM-F5

1983“First Sport”
The first Walkman developed for use during outdoor activities. Marked the first appearance of the distinctive yellow seen in later sports models.
Sony WM-F501 cover
Known in the US and Canada as the WM-F601.