Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-701C cover
It was a combination of all features that made the 701C a milestone in the history of walkmans.
Sony WM-701S cover

Sony WM-701S

1989“Shiny 701C”
'A shinier WM-701C'. High quality sound became the basis for the 10th anniversary model. A silver-plated Tiffany version was also available.
Sony WM-702 cover
The 1990 SONY wm-702 has a wire control of indicator lights and sound cues.
Sony WM-703C cover

Sony WM-703C

1989“WM-701C Twin”
A 701C with a different model number.
Sony WM-75 cover
The smallest, compact “Sports” model from the series.
Sony WM-8 cover
US/Canada version of the WM-9. This model was featured in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things.
Sony WM-805 cover
Wireless receiver with remote control function
Sony WM-AF56 cover
Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Walkman, with 5-band graphic equalizer.
Sony WM-AF58 cover
'Looks like a F47 wearing a sports jacket. It features the solar alarm clock, not the 3 band equalizer.
Sony WM-AF59 cover
No frills Sports Walkman.
Sony WM-AF64 cover
3 analog FM presets. Models using similar mechanism: WM-F59 and WM-F69.
Sony WM-AF79 cover

Sony WM-AF79

1989“Navy Seal F73”
Rugged outdoor Walkman, not in traditional Sports yellow. It is a WM-F73 in a protective casing.
Sony WM-B18 cover
Basic, no Auto-Reverse or Dolby. However, it comes with the "newly" released BP-700 rechargeable battery pack.
Sony WM-B47 cover
Cost effective playback unit, with configurable MegaBass (DBB)
Sony WM-BF23 cover
Simple model with built-in two-band radio.
Sony WM-BF40 cover
Built-in two-band radio, low and high equalizer, and DBB - MegaBass switch on the door
Sony WM-BF57 cover
Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Walkman, with variable MegaBass.
Sony WM-D3 cover
The smaller Walkman Professional recorders, a DDII with additional components for recording borrowed from the WM-D6C.