Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-DD cover
The first model of the 'disc drive' series, the WM-DD, was introduced in 1982, and had a solid reputation for performance.
Sony WM-DD2 cover

Sony WM-DD2

1984“DDII” DD
DD2 had the addition of Dolby B noise reduction, and many minor improvements.
Sony WM-DD22 cover

Sony WM-DD22

1993“Closing DD” DD
Last DD unit to be released, closing the cost-reduced DD1-DD10-DD11 line.
Sony WM-DD3 cover

Sony WM-DD3

1989“DDIII” DD
Added a quartz-locked action to the DD motor, giving absolute speed stability.
Sony WM-DD30 cover

Sony WM-DD30

1989“First DD with MegaBass” DD
First DD unit with MegaBass, derived from DD-100 DOL. Feature/functionality a mix of DD3 & DD-100: quartz driven and bass expansion.
Sony WM-DD33 cover

Sony WM-DD33

1991“Well-rounded DD30” DD
The last Sony portable with 2 headphone jacks, almost completely a WM-DD30 wearing a modern jacket.
Sony WM-DD9 cover

Sony WM-DD9

1989“Sony Walkman King” DD
Sound to Match the Ingenious Mechanism
Sony WM-DX100 cover

Sony WM-DX100

1991“DD9 cousin”
With a disc driven brass rotor that in turn drives a belt driven mechanism.
Sony WM-EQ7WP cover


1998“Whoopee” DD
Colourful version of a low end Walkman, including accessories like the carrying strap and earphones.
Sony WM-EX1 cover
The 15th anniversary Walkman with 25 times Hi-SPEED Music Search and pop-up eject mechanism. Available as EX1HG model, chrome plated.
Sony WM-EX2 cover
An updated version of the EX1, with Dolby Noise Reduction Type B. Paved the way for the beautiful WM-EX5.
Sony WM-EX2000 cover

Sony WM-EX2000

2000“Last Hi-Fi model”
The ultimate Walkman, next to the WM-EX20 the only one with MEGA SURROUND
Sony WM-EX508 cover
The battery door can be detached and flipped to accommodate either a gumstick or AA cell.
Sony WM-EX511 cover

Sony WM-EX511

1994“Aka EX618”
Also known as the WM-EX618, this super Walkman is just over 2cm thin but packed full of features
Sony WM-EX552 cover
A modern, thin, single AA powered model.
Sony WM-EX60 cover
With “Joyful” remote control
Sony WM-EX621 cover
MegaBass, Groove and Revitalizer, but without Dolby B noise reduction.
Sony WM-EX651 cover

Sony WM-EX651

2004“Last JDM”
Final model produced for the Japanese domestic market, including the obligatory cradle. Jog dial like control wheel.
Sony WM-EX655 cover
Diamond-shaped aluminum body