Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-EX511 cover

Sony WM-EX511

1994“Aka EX618”
Also known as the WM-EX618, this super Walkman is just over 2cm thin but packed full of features
Sony WM-EX552 cover
A modern, thin, single AA powered model.
Sony WM-EX60 cover
With “Joyful” remote control
Sony WM-EX621 cover
MegaBass, Groove and Revitalizer, but without Dolby B noise reduction.
Sony WM-EX651 cover

Sony WM-EX651

2004“Last JDM”
Final model produced for the Japanese domestic market, including the obligatory cradle. Jog dial like control wheel.
Sony WM-EX655 cover
Diamond-shaped aluminum body
Sony WM-EX7 cover

Sony WM-EX7

1998“Green Hornet”
A refined version of the WM-EX5
Sony WM-EX70 cover
SONY WM-EX70 single player with full function remote control
Sony WM-EX77 cover

Sony WM-EX77

1991“Talent and color”
Novel color scheme is a delight to the eye
Sony WM-EX80 cover
This walkman adopts LCD remote control with built-in clock
Sony WM-EX808 cover

Sony WM-EX808

1993“Slim strong Walkman”
Magnesium-mixed high-strength aluminum alloy was first introduced to the Walkman series in order to maintain the strength of the body.
Sony WM-EX808HG cover
Lightweight aluminum magnesium alloy “thin husband” series. EX808HG uses a more beautiful chrome-plated body.
Sony WM-EX85 cover
Comes with international voltage charger
Sony WM-EX88 cover
Split wire control +HOLD switch
Sony WM-EX9 cover

Sony WM-EX9

1998“Color shifter”
Less than 2cm thick, Without remote, not all functionality can be used due to limited buttons on main unit.
Sony WM-EX90 cover

Sony WM-EX90

1991“Adult Walkman”
The Walkman has a thin body and a wealth of functions, making it ideal for learning English.
Sony WM-EX900 cover

Sony WM-EX900

2000“EX9 descendent”
Under 20mm thick, a slender, curvier EX9. Without remote, not all functionality can be used due to limited buttons on main unit.