Sony WM-5 feature
WML ID #114
Manufacturer Sony
Model WM-5
Year 1982
Made in Japan
Initial price 270 DM
Technical details, specifications
Battery 2AA
Available colors black gray green
Window yes
House case metal
Expandable no
External compartment no
Tape selector Manual switch
Waterproof no
Speaker no
DC in yes
Record by input no
Record by int mic no
Hotline mode yes
Cue no
Balance (L/R) no
Equalizer no
Auto volume no
Auto reverse no
AMS no
Blank skip no
Logic control no
Hold lock no
Bass no
Radio no
Radio tuner none
Radio bands 0
Remote control no
Wireless heaphone no
Indicator led

WM-2 based model, but the casework was made from pressed metal.

This unusual model was mechanically very similar to the WM-2, the main difference being that the outer casework was made from pressed metal rather than moulded plastic. As the metal could be made thinner than plastic of similar strength, the WM-5 was marginally smaller than the WM-2. The exposed volume control of the WM-2 would have been difficult to make without the versatility of plastic moulding, so the control was made internal instead. A small viewing window allowed the setting to verified.

The WM-5 was apparently only originally available to Japan & USA. They came in black and silver with the black one being relatively rare and hard to source in good condition. They are not as common to find for sale in comparison to other early Walkman’s and expect to pay over $100 for clean units in working order.

In our research we came across info that suggests the WM-5 was developed alongside the WM-2 as a second-generation metal-cased model. It’s slightly thinner than the WM-2 and in its day would have been the smallest Walkman on the planet.

It looks almost like the WM-2 in a metal casing, but in fact it’s significantly superior. Putting the WM-2 out of mind it’s small, well built and rather slick with its metallic metal casing. The metal casing feels cool to touch and you sense that this is how the WM-2 should have been.

With the outer casework made from pressed metal Sony were able to make this Walkman slightly smaller than the more plastic WM-2. The general design layout is very similar to the WM-2 with buttons and graphics all located in familiar places. All the curves found on the WM-2 have been removed in favour of straight lines. Curious are the two rubber bumpers located at the top edge near the SONY logo. Were these to just prevent scratching or contact with the buttons if placed face down on a table?

The WM-2 was already well built so the WM-5 with its all metal casing brings quality to a new level. There is fine detailing in the mouldings and graphics such as the arrow, logo and word “STEREO”, which are nice touches. The model in our review is the silver variant but in our opinion it’s more of a champagne metallic which exudes class throughout.

Everything on this Walkman feels good and we are glad that SONY kept the small textured rubber green insert within the Forward button. The Volume controls now also has a small round window to display the level.

Among the early Sony Walkman’s this would be our pick from a design perspective since its small design and slick quality build represents everything that a Walkman should be. Its not as iconic as the TPS-L2 or the WM-2 but to collectors this unit is hard to fault and a must have.

It’s a beautiful object to handle and the design is simple and clean enough to demand respect. In its day there would have been little competition for the WM-5 which was near Walkman perfection. However, since then there were hundreds of unique Walkman models produced which does not make the WM-5 a “must have”. Don’t pass on the opportunity if a mint one comes your way for a bargain but unless you are a collector you probably would not go out of your way to find one of these either. It’s not iconic, classic or represent any particular milestone in design or technology.
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