Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-EX655 cover
Diamond-shaped aluminum body
Sony WM-F2 cover
The WM-F2 was a remarkably well-featured unit. Contained radio and could record, either from the radio or from an external source.
Sony WM-F501 cover
Known in the US and Canada as the WM-F601.
Sony WM-3EX cover

Sony WM-3EX

The excellent generation Sony Walkman is impeccably finished in fine satin gold and exudes a luxurious gold bling look.
Sony WM-703C cover

Sony WM-703C

1989“WM-701C Twin”
A 701C with a different model number.
Sony WM-503 cover
Without the bulk of the headphone reeling device it could be made very thin, in fact it was the smallest model in the range of that year.
Sony WM-EX808 cover

Sony WM-EX808

1993“Slim strong Walkman”
Magnesium-mixed high-strength aluminum alloy was first introduced to the Walkman series in order to maintain the strength of the body.
Sony WM-R2 cover
Recording Walkman with high sensitive stereo capacitance microphone.
Sony WM-WX88 cover
WM-WX88 has a waterproof wireless receiver
Sony WM-F60 cover
Radio Walkman with 5 band graphic equalizer
Sony WM-F606 cover
The wireless receiver can be used as an FM radio independently.
Sony WM-FX77 cover
Equipped with intelligent dual preset radio
Sony WM-22 cover
The WM-22 was the first Walkman model that was sold in the UK for under £30.
Sony WM-F701C cover
Just the WM-701C with radio.
Sony WM-20 cover
Product developed based on creating a Walkman roughly the size of a cassette case.
Sony WM-805 cover
Wireless receiver with remote control function
Sony WM-102 cover
The WM-102 was a "cassette case sized" model.
Sony WM-25 cover
This model appears identical to the WM-24, except for the grey finish and the slightly revised styling of the cassette door. The sombre colour scheme was clearly aimed at a more mature user.