Sony WM-SX77 feature
WML ID #94
Manufacturer Sony
Model WM-SX77
Series Field
Year 1991
Made in Japan
Initial price 29000 ¥
Technical details, specifications
Battery gumstick EXT1C
Battery life 3.5h (with 5)
Available colors gray matte
Dimensions 113.8*89.8*30.5 mm (312 cm³) 3D size
Weight 245 gr
Window yes
Carry Clip
Expandable no
External compartment yes
Head EX Amorphous
Tape selector Automatic
Waterproof drop-proof
Speaker no
Frequency range 20-18000 Hz
FMax output 5x2 mW
Record by input no
Record by int mic no
Cue no
Balance (L/R) no
Equalizer no
Auto volume no
Auto reverse yes
Anti rolling yes
Blank skip no
Logic control yes
Hold lock yes
Noise reduction Dolby B NR
Radio no
Radio tuner none
Radio bands 0
Remote control yes
Wireless heaphone no

Rugged construction and excellent waterproof performance long lost outdoor series walkman

A waterproof Walkman that supports JIS-proof pine shapes.

The main body and remote control are waterproof, and the earphones are drip-proof (JIS drip-proof type II), so they can handle even a little rain, snow, or splashes.

The cabinet uses a resin material with a thickness of 4.0 mm (6.7 times compared to WM-EX80), and the cassette lid uses aluminum metal with a thickness of 1.0 mm (1.3 times compared to WM-EX80). In addition, the cassette lid is a center lock type, and by adopting a large buckle mechanism made of aluminum die-cast, a structure that is resistant to dropping and pressure.

The sound shaking guard mechanism is adopted and the sound shaking caused by the vibration such as when walking is suppressed. This mechanism is designed by analyzing the dynamic characteristics against vibration from the aspects such as the moment of inertia of the flywheel and the stability of the motor.

The included battery case is Walkman's first C-size battery specification, and when used in combination with a rechargeable battery, it achieves continuous playback for approximately 33 hours (when using alkaline batteries). This battery case has JIS-proof specifications when it is attached to the main unit.

A remote control clip with a shape that can be attached to thick clothes is used.

Sound leakage reduction headphones are included as earphones. This earphone adopts a teardrop shape which is a new shape that matches the shape of the ear, and reduces sound leakage from the gap between the ears. In addition, unnecessary sound leakage is reduced by making the opening where the sound comes out only in the ear hole by the silent cap. This has reduced sound leakage by 70% compared to the past.

The EX amorphous head is adopted as a head part. In addition to using amorphous as the material for this head, the EX mechanism by a special tape guide that keeps the angle between the head and the tape constant is adopted.

The Dolby B type is included as a noise reduction system.

The EX DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost) circuit is carried and the bass of 50Hz can be emphasized up to about 16 times.
DBB automatically adjusts the emphasis method according to the position of the volume knob at that time. Furthermore, EX DBB prevents the delicacy of weak sound from being lost by changing the amplification amount linearly according to the change in the volume of the original sound.

Equipped with an A-side / B-side notification function, you can check which side of the tape, A-side or B-side, is being reproduced and what kind of running condition it is in.

Equipped with a 10-minute quick charge function, it can be charged up to 50% of the full charge in 10 minutes, and can be fully charged in 30 minutes. It automatically switches between quick charging and normal charging according to the remaining battery level.

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