Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-R55 cover
Walkman that used in Metal Gear Solid V - Phantom Pain.
Sony WM-30 cover
The successor of the revolutionary WM-10, an incredibly compact walkman. In US and Canada known as WM-10II.
Sony WM-33 cover
A simple Walkman with 3 band equalizer. WM-33 and WM-43 feature a status LED, WM-32 does not. Came with the MDR-010L headphones.
Sony WM-55 cover
Affordable price and a wealth of features
Sony WM-3060 cover

Sony WM-3060

1989“1st Sony!”
My first Sony, aimed at kids. No frills, low cost, and durable. Window is showing mechanism, not cassette. Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Sony WM-F20 cover
The WM-F20 was very similar to the WM-F10. The only changes of note were that the hinges and slides were made a little stronger...
Sony WM-EX194 cover
Low cost model with Mega Bass. DC in only for the EX196, identical otherwise.
Sony WM-EX508 cover
The battery door can be detached and flipped to accommodate either a gumstick or AA cell.
Sony WM-EX633 cover
A budget model with 15X speed music search and extra long play time (33 hours) with a single alkaline battery.
Sony WM-EX808HG cover
Lightweight aluminum magnesium alloy “thin husband” series. EX808HG uses a more beautiful chrome-plated body.
Sony WM-FX70 cover
Economical radio model. The wm-ex70 adds a radio feature at an affordable price and radio support worldwide. 1-touch automatic storage scan.
Sony WM-EX70 cover
SONY WM-EX70 single player with full function remote control
Sony WM-MV1 cover
Full metal jacket unit. Cheap model equipped with sound vibration guard mechanism, and auto-reverse function.
Sony WM-F507 cover
Built-in FM in with wireless receiver, unit identical to WM-507.