Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-F60 cover
Radio Walkman with 5 band graphic equalizer
Sony WM-BF40 cover
Built-in two-band radio, low and high equalizer, and DBB - MegaBass switch on the door
Sony WM-EX911 cover
Basically a WM-EX511 / EX618, with built-in earphone with remote and double auto-wind function. Except depth, width and height are the same as the base model. It has a substantially larger window though.
Sony WM-EK3 cover
Based on the EK1, in camouflage color setting.
Sony WM-EX910 cover

Sony WM-EX910

2000“Son of EX2000”
An mix between the EX900 and the EX2000. It has the same dimensions as the EX2000, without MEGA Surround and the OFC head.
Sony WM-D3 cover
The smaller Walkman Professional recorders, a DDII with additional components for recording borrowed from the WM-D6C.
Sony WM-10RV cover
The final model in the WM-10 series of stretchable Walkmans is both the heaviest and thickest, but it uniquely features auto-reverse. Identical to the WM-40.
Sony WM-104 cover
Cassette size body with 5 section equalizer
Sony WM-F2 cover
The WM-F2 was a remarkably well-featured unit. Contained radio and could record, either from the radio or from an external source.
Sony WM-K1 cover

Sony WM-K1

1986“Aka F32”
WM-K1 in Canada and rest of world, also known as the WM-F32 in the US market. The mechanism of the US and Canada model is the same as WM-F41, for rest of world as WM-F31.
Sony WM-DD cover
The first model of the 'disc drive' series, the WM-DD, was introduced in 1982, and had a solid reputation for performance.
Sony WM-EX60 cover
With “Joyful” remote control
Sony WM-F2078 cover
With digital AM/FM Tuner and integrated digital alarm clock.
Sony WM-AF56 cover
Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Walkman, with 5-band graphic equalizer.
Sony WM-EX2 cover
An updated version of the EX1, with Dolby Noise Reduction Type B. Paved the way for the beautiful WM-EX5.
Sony WM-GX622 cover
The recording Walkman with AM/FM radio, based on the WM-GX614. 14X music search!
Sony WM-F15 cover
A small, lightweight Walkman with built-in FM/AM