Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-805 cover
Wireless receiver with remote control function
Sony WM-102 cover
The WM-102 was a "cassette case sized" model.
Sony WM-701S cover

Sony WM-701S

1989“Commemorative 10th Anniversary Edition”
'A shinier WM-701C'. High quality sound became the basis for the 10th anniversary model. A silver-plated Tiffany version was also available.
Sony WM-EX39 cover

Sony WM-EX39

Variable Mega Bass on the front
Sony WM-F65 cover
A distant relative of the expandable WM-10 family, now with recording and radio but without the sliding mechanism and 2xAA batteries in the Walkman.
Sony WM-40 cover
In the WM-10 family of super small Walkmans, now with the controls on the front (instead of top), and auto-reverse.
Sony WM-EQ7WP cover


Colourful version of a low end Walkman, including accessories like the carrying strap and earphones.
Sony WM-F30 cover
A WM-30 with FM/AM/TV tuner and Nude Turbo earbuds
Sony WM-SX77 cover
Rugged construction and excellent waterproof performance long lost outdoor series walkman
Sony WM-172 cover
The 1989 SONY wm-172 adopts a titanium color body with a sense of technology
Sony WM-F57 cover
FM Stereo/AM, Auto reverse in a compact, Casual package. It has a built-in speaker on the front of the machine. The pocket-size is like a portable speaker. You can enjoy your favorite music anywhere.
Sony WM-FX85 cover
Adopts the international version of radio and charger
Sony WM-16 cover

Sony WM-16

1983“WM-6 twin”
This early auto-reverse model followed the WM-7, but was simpler and cheaper.
Sony WM-FX21 cover
Low cost all plastic unit
Sony WM-EX552 cover
A modern, thin, single AA powered model. It is the US version of the WM-EX550.
Sony WM-EX80 cover
This walkman adopts LCD remote control with built-in clock
Sony WM-109 cover
First wired remote control, enabling the Walkman to be placed in your bag, but controlled from the outside.