Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-EX39 cover

Sony WM-EX39

Variable Mega Bass on the front
Sony WM-BF57 cover
Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Walkman, with variable MegaBass.
Sony WM-805 cover
Wireless receiver with remote control function
Sony WM-F30 cover
A WM-30 with FM/AM/TV tuner and Nude Turbo earbuds
Sony WM-3500SP cover

Sony WM-3500SP

1994“3500 transparent”
It is a My First Sony WM-3500 in a transparent housing.
Sony WM-R55 cover
Walkman that used in Metal Gear Solid V - Phantom Pain.
Sony WM-WE7 cover
A wireless Walkman with unique alien-shaped, foldable wireless overhead headphones. It can be powered by either a AA battery or a shorter version gumstick battery, making it very convenient to power up. The Walkman itself is identical to the WM-WE1.
Sony WM-EX194 cover
Low cost model with Mega Bass. DC in only for the EX196, identical otherwise.
Sony WM-B47 cover
Cost effective playback unit, with configurable MegaBass (DBB)
Sony WM-25 cover
This model appears identical to the WM-24, except for the grey finish and the slightly revised styling of the cassette door. The sombre colour scheme was clearly aimed at a more mature user.
Sony WM-3 cover

Sony WM-3

1981“Renamed TPS-L2”
Sony WM-EX552 cover
A modern, thin, single AA powered model. It is the US version of the WM-EX550.
Sony WM-AF59 cover
No frills Sports Walkman.
Sony WM-109 cover
First wired remote control, enabling the Walkman to be placed in your bag, but controlled from the outside.
Sony WM-60 cover
Interesting model with 5 band graphic equalizer.
Sony WM-70 cover
Release in Canada and the US; in AEP, E, and UK as the otherwise identical WM-50.
Sony WM-F8 cover

Sony WM-F8

1984“WM-8 on air”
An AM/FM radio enabled WM-8
Sony WM-F75 cover
Just a WM-75 with a built-in AM-FM radio...