Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-F109 cover
First wired remote control, enabling the Walkman to be placed in your bag, but controlled from the outside.
Sony WM-509 cover

Sony WM-509

1988“The sound beauty person”
Has the beautiful appearance and the sound, in the advertisement slogan is called "the sound beauty person".
Sony WM-F404 cover
Sony WM F404 Full-Metal Walkman cassette player high-end model
Sony WM-F203 cover
Walkman with 60 minute quick charging function
Sony WM-55 cover
Affordable price and a wealth of features
Sony WM-R55 cover
Walkman that used in Metal Gear Solid V - Phantom Pain.
Sony WM-5 cover
WM-2 based model, but the casework was made from pressed metal.
Sony WM-607 cover
SONY wm-607 single player with remote control
Sony WM-3 cover
WM-3 was the new number for the TPS-L2.
Sony WM-75 cover
The smallest, compact “Sports” model from the series.
Sony WM-52 cover
A more flexible way to store headphones.
Sony WM-101 cover
First model in its class to adopt a "gum stick"-like rechargeable battery and accommodated AA batteries as well.
Sony WM-F181 cover
WM-F181 was the first to be compatible with global bands
Sony WM-505 cover
Key to this models compactness is the use of a slim ni-cad battery in both the player and the headphones wireless receiver.
Sony WM-FS111 cover
Water Resistant Sports Series Design is specially designed for outdoor fun with rubber gaskets, bushings, and water resistant seals that help keep out water, moisture and dirt.
Sony WM-1 cover
Although the name might be misleading, it is the 3rd personal stereo cassette player to be announced by Sony.
Sony WM-170 cover
The new generation 17X series single-player has three different styles. The 170 is a traditional black.
Sony WM-FX808 cover
The thickness of 23.8 mm is the thinnest among the radio models, with AM stereo and new area retrieval function.
Sony WM-F180 cover
F180 with the new wave of FM radio models