Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-EX90 cover

Sony WM-EX90

1991“Adult Walkman”
The Walkman has a thin body and a wealth of functions, making it ideal for learning English.
Sony WM-F606 cover
The wireless receiver can be used as an FM radio independently.
Sony WM-3060 cover

Sony WM-3060

1989“1st Sony!”
My first Sony, aimed at kids. No frills, low cost, and durable. Window is showing mechanism, not cassette. Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Sony WM-52 cover
A more flexible way to store headphones.
Sony WM-F52 cover
Built-in three-band radio, which allows you to quickly and easily store your headphones by opening the back cover.
Sony WM-F65 cover
A distant relative of the expandable WM-10 family, now with recording and radio but without the sliding mechanism and 2xAA batteries in the Walkman.
Sony WM-40 cover

Sony WM-40

1984“Aka 10RV”
In the WM-10 family of super small Walkmans, now with the controls on the front (instead of top), and auto-reverse.
Sony WM-10RV cover
The final model in the WM-10 series of stretchable Walkmans is both the heaviest and thickest, but it uniquely features auto-reverse. Identical to the WM-40.
Sony WM-K1 cover

Sony WM-K1

1986“Aka F32”
WM-K1 in Canada and rest of world, also known as the WM-F32 in the US market. The mechanism of the US and Canada model is the same as WM-F41, for rest of world as WM-F31.
Sony WM-3000 cover

Sony WM-3000

One of the My First Sony range, aimed at kids. Front and rear window, the latter showing the mechanism. Object in the rear view window are closer than they appear?
Sony WM-DD22 cover

Sony WM-DD22

1993“Closing DD”
Last DD unit to be released, closing the cost-reduced DD1-DD10-DD11 line.
Sony WM-F57 cover
FM Stereo/AM, Auto reverse in a compact, Casual package. It has a built-in speaker on the front of the machine. The pocket-size is like a portable speaker. You can enjoy your favorite music anywhere.
Sony WM-AF56 cover
Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Walkman, with 5-band graphic equalizer.
Sony WM-F107 cover

Sony WM-F107

1986“Solar Walkman”
The famous "Solar Walkman" was indeed a technological marvel.
Sony WM-2 cover

Sony WM-2

1981“Walkman 2”
This milestone walkman was the second walkman after the legendary TPS-L2 and set the form factor for the DD line.
Sony WM-R55 cover
Walkman that used in Metal Gear Solid V - Phantom Pain.
Sony WM-DD33 cover

Sony WM-DD33

1991“Well-rounded DD30”
The last Sony portable with 2 headphone jacks, almost completely a WM-DD30 wearing a modern jacket.
Sony WM-DD30 cover

Sony WM-DD30

1989“First DD with MegaBass”
First DD unit with MegaBass, derived from DD-100 DOL. Feature/functionality a mix of DD3 & DD-100: quartz driven and bass expansion.
Sony WM-DD cover
The first model of the 'disc drive' series, the WM-DD, was introduced in 1982, and had a solid reputation for performance.