Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-R202 cover
The WM-R202 was very similar to the WM-102, but with one important difference, it could record.
Sony WM-505 cover
Key to this models compactness is the use of a slim ni-cad battery in both the player and the headphones wireless receiver.
Sony WM-EX552 cover
A modern, thin, single AA powered model. It is the US version of the WM-EX550.
Sony WM-F502 cover
Four-band radio of TV UHF/VHF, which can listen to the popular stereo music and television programs at that time.
Sony WM-EX99R cover

Sony WM-EX99R

1992“Repeat after me!”
A combination of Walkman and language learning unit. It can store 4, 8 and 16s for repeated playback at reduced quality.
Sony WM-EK1 cover
Translucent orange with a unusually shaped remote. The remote is powered by another AA battery, next to the 2 in the unit.
Sony WM-33 cover
A simple Walkman with 3 band equalizer. WM-33 and WM-43 feature a status LED, WM-32 does not. Came with the MDR-010L headphones.
Sony WM-51 cover
This beautiful "designer styled" model was based loosely around the mechanical parts of the WM-F107.
Sony WM-EX622 cover

Sony WM-EX622

1995“Aka EX612”
A basic model with simple tape control buttons and remote control. A special version was produced for Toyota Century and Celsior (Lexus LS400) luxury sedans.
Sony YP-EW21 cover

Sony YP-EW21

1996“YPPY Spring-Summer '96”
Part of a colourful range of moderately featured Walkmans, to appeal to a young audience.
Sony WM-25 cover
This model appears identical to the WM-24, except for the grey finish and the slightly revised styling of the cassette door. The sombre colour scheme was clearly aimed at a more mature user.
Sony WM-BF40 cover
Built-in two-band radio, low and high equalizer, and DBB - MegaBass switch on the door
Sony WM-F203 cover
Walkman with 60 minute quick charging function
Sony WM-22 cover
The WM-22 was the first Walkman model that was sold in the UK for under £30.
Sony WM-55 cover
Affordable price and a wealth of features
Sony WM-F180 cover
F180 with the new wave of FM radio models
Sony WM-DX100 cover

Sony WM-DX100

1991“DD9 cousin”
With a disc driven brass rotor that in turn drives a belt driven mechanism.