Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-F73 cover
The WM-F73 was very similar to the WM-F63, the only difference being that the radio offered an extra TV band.
Sony WM-5 cover
WM-2 based model, but the casework was made from pressed metal.
Sony WM-703C cover

Sony WM-703C

1989“WM-701C Twin”
A 701C with a different model number.
Sony WM-701S cover

Sony WM-701S

1989“Commemorative 10th Anniversary Edition”
'A shinier WM-701C'. High quality sound became the basis for the 10th anniversary model. A silver-plated Tiffany version was also available.
Sony WM-F109 cover
First wired remote control, enabling the Walkman to be placed in your bag, but controlled from the outside.
Sony WM-609 cover
The evolved version of "sonic beauty" wm-509 is also the female version of wm-607.
Sony WM-EX39 cover

Sony WM-EX39

Variable Mega Bass on the front
Sony WM-RX77 cover
This is the tourist edition available in Japan. Unlike the domestic version, it includes a 100-240V battery charger and a power plug adapter as standard accessories.
Sony WM-F701C cover
Just the WM-701C with radio.
Sony WM-EQ7WP cover


Colourful version of a low end Walkman, including accessories like the carrying strap and earphones.
Sony WM-F404 cover
Sony WM F404 Full-Metal Walkman cassette player high-end model
Sony WM-F101 cover
3-band radio was added to the hatch door of the wm-101. The body is only the size of the tape box.
Sony WM-WX1 cover
Walkman featured with wireless headphones.
Sony WM-3500SP cover

Sony WM-3500SP

1994“3500 transparent”
It is a My First Sony WM-3500 in a transparent housing.
Sony WM-60 cover
Interesting model with 5 band graphic equalizer.
Sony WM-GX788 cover

Sony WM-GX788

2003“Last GX”
The last model of GX series multi-function Walkman. With 3 different Sound enhancers: Mega Bass, Groove & Sound Revitalizer.