Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-DC2 cover

Sony WM-DC2

1984“C, a line out!”
Essentially a WM-DDII with quartz lock and Dolby C noise reduction, using the same ICs as the D6C (released in the same year).
Sony WM-EX999 cover

Sony WM-EX999

1993“Dual headed”
Dual head playback unit, based on the EX909
Sony WM-DD33 cover

Sony WM-DD33

1991“Well-rounded DD30”
The last Sony portable with 2 headphone jacks, almost completely a WM-DD30 wearing a modern jacket.
Sony WM-F702 cover
Remote control and global radio functions.
Sony WM-702 cover
The 1990 SONY wm-702 has a wire control of indicator lights and sound cues.
Sony WM-EX1 cover
The 15th anniversary Walkman with 25 times Hi-SPEED Music Search and pop-up eject mechanism. Available as EX1HG model, chrome plated.
Sony WM-EX20 cover

Sony WM-EX20

1999“Stainless Steel”
It features a sleek design in brushed stainless steel, aesthetically pleasing, notably prone to scratches. Next to the WM-EX2000 the only one with MEGA SURROUND
Sony WM-EX900 cover

Sony WM-EX900

2000“EX9 descendent”
Under 20mm thick, a slender, curvier EX9. Without remote, not all functionality can be used due to limited buttons on main unit.
Sony WM-507 cover
Compact wireless receiver
Sony WM-D6 cover

Sony WM-D6

The WM-D6 at first looks like a rather large personal stereo, but is really more like a miniaturised TC-D5 portable cassette deck.
Sony WM-DD9 cover

Sony WM-DD9

1989“Sony Walkman King”
Sound to Match the Ingenious Mechanism
Sony WM-DX100 cover

Sony WM-DX100

1991“DD9 cousin”
With a disc driven brass rotor that in turn drives a belt driven mechanism.
Sony WM-EX90 cover

Sony WM-EX90

1991“Adult Walkman”
The Walkman has a thin body and a wealth of functions, making it ideal for learning English.
Sony WM-EX5 cover

Sony WM-EX5

1996“Mirror Man”
Commemorative model to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Sony corporation.
Sony WM-EX511 cover

Sony WM-EX511

1994“Aka EX618”
Also known as the WM-EX618, this super Walkman is just over 2cm thin but packed full of features
Sony WM-D6C cover

Sony WM-D6C

1984“Daddy C(ool)”
The daddy of the Walkman cassette range, produced for pro users with a host of features.