Catalog of Sharp Walkman models

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Sharp JC-N5 cover
A light weight auto-reverse player with graphic equalizer. The button layout is designed for intuitive operation when the player is tucked away in your pocket/carry bag.
Sharp JC-R7 cover
Feature packed model for 1985!
Sharp QT-40 cover

Sharp QT-40

1985“Red cutie”
Rare model of the QT series in brilliant/glossy red. It can go loud!
Sharp JC-3 cover
The perfect rectangular design with no softness at all. Vintage style that never gets tired even after years of use, it has charm.
Sharp JC-TV10 cover

Sharp JC-TV10

1986“Mr. Joycasse TV”
This unique device combined a black and white LCD screen with a portable cassette player, making it the world's first player with a built-in TV.
Sharp JC-K14 cover

Sharp JC-K14

1989“Sturdy & Sharp”
Covered by rubber, the aluminum front and rear cover made it quite durable.
Sharp JC-S100 cover

Sharp JC-S100

1990“Píu +1g”
The World's 2nd Lightest Portable Cassette Player. Its front cover is crafted from aluminum, while the back cover is made of carbon fiber.
Sharp JC-K99 cover
The World's Lightest Portable Cassette Player
Sharp JC-B10 cover
Sharp's sports version to compete against Sony Sports Walkman.