Catalog of All Walkman models

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Hitachi CP-7 cover

Hitachi CP-7

1983“A True Sport”
The CP-7 was the first all-weather cassette portable. The entire unit had to be placed in a specially designed weather-proof carry case . This was just a few months before the debut of Sony's first Sports Walkman, the WM-F5.
Sharp JC-N5 cover
A light weight auto-reverse player with graphic equalizer. The button layout is designed for intuitive operation when the player is tucked away in your pocket/carry bag.
Sony WM-RX707 cover

Sony WM-RX707

1993“The Gorilla”
A recording capable Walkman, clearly inspired by the RX77.
Sony WM-WX808 cover
Deluxe wireless remote controller, and a sticky Walkman.
Sony WM-EX622 cover

Sony WM-EX622

1995“Aka EX612”
A basic model with simple tape control buttons and remote control. A special version was produced for Toyota Century and Celsior (Lexus LS400) luxury sedans.
Sharp JC-TV10 cover

Sharp JC-TV10

1986“Mr. Joycasse TV”
This unique device combined a black and white LCD screen with a portable cassette player, making it the world's first player with a built-in TV.
Sony WM-EX20 cover

Sony WM-EX20

1999“Stainless Steel”
It features a sleek design in brushed stainless steel, aesthetically pleasing, notably prone to scratches. Next to the WM-EX2000 the only one with MEGA SURROUND
Panasonic RQ-SX75 cover
Enjoy an impressive playtime! Backlit remote control with 3.5mm jack that looks borrowed from a MiniDisc portable.
Sony WM-10RV cover
The final model in the WM-10 series of stretchable Walkmans is both the heaviest and thickest, but it uniquely features auto-reverse. Identical to the WM-40.
Sony WM-100 cover
The first of new series of “cassette case sized”, without the battery in the main housing. For CND and US.
Panasonic RQ-L470 cover

Panasonic RQ-L470

2004“Auto-Reverse Recorder”
This is a high quality unit with soft touch control, Auto-Reverse for recording and playback. Large LCD display, 2X speed recording, stereo speakers, A-B repeat, microphone, and more.
Aiwa HS-PX730 cover
Sleek Aiwa model with automatic volume adjustment based on environmental noise levels. Also featured one button for standard playback.
Sharp QT-40 cover

Sharp QT-40

1985“Red cutie”
Rare model of the QT series in brilliant/glossy red. It can go loud!
Sony WM-EX99R cover

Sony WM-EX99R

1992“Repeat after me!”
A combination of Walkman and language learning unit. It can store 4, 8 and 16s for repeated playback at reduced quality.
Sony WM-EX615 cover
The new 'W' with a dot Walkman logo was introduced in 2000. It was immediately incorporated into the design of this unit of that era.
Aiwa HS-J7 cover
All in one! Also known as the J07 and J400
Toshiba KT-V780MK2 cover
Very similar specifications as the KT-V890
Sony WM-GX788 cover

Sony WM-GX788

2003“Last GX”
The last model of GX series multi-function Walkman. With 3 different Sound enhancers: Mega Bass, Groove & Sound Revitalizer.