Catalog of Panasonic Walkman models

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Panasonic RQ-CW05 cover
Low cost unit in various colors, with auto-reverse and low frequency enhancement.
Panasonic RQ-J2 cover
The world Way series’ basic single-release model, with front panel linkage button control, fast-forward and backward
Panasonic RQ-J20X cover
The world’s first Walkman equipped with a noise reduction system.
Panasonic RQ-J30 cover

Panasonic RQ-J30

1990“Book and music”
2nd generation model suitable for voice tapes Panasonic Walkman
Panasonic RQ-J40F cover
Automatically reverse the recording, 3-band traditional mechanical tuner, equipped with a single-point stereo microphone.
Panasonic RQ-J55 cover
4-track 2-channel stereo playback
Panasonic RQ-J6 cover
True line-out!
Panasonic RQ-J7 cover
Basic, simple unit with auto-reverse, 2 belts.
Panasonic RQ-J75 cover
Translucent battery door
Panasonic RQ-J9 cover
Stereo cassette player, sporting light, small headphones to listen to your favorite stereo tapes, standard or metal.
Panasonic RQ-JA100 cover
Cassette player little brother of the RQ-SX200, with RP-BP101 rechargeable battery pack.
Panasonic RQ-JA155 cover
One-touch multi-function remote control
Panasonic RQ-JA160 cover
1-touch remote control & XBS sound effect
Panasonic RQ-L470 cover

Panasonic RQ-L470

2004“Auto-Reverse Recorder”
This is a high quality unit with soft touch control, Auto-Reverse for recording and playback. Large LCD display, 2X speed recording, stereo speakers, A-B repeat, microphone, and more.
Panasonic RQ-P50 cover
Metal tape capability
Panasonic RQ-S1 cover
The high-quality "S" series debuts, with a tough appearance and compact design, with the smallest and thinnest 17 mm body at the time.
Panasonic RQ-S11 cover
Adopt small and light body design, and adopt high sound quality
Panasonic RQ-S15 cover
Basic, low end model.