Catalog of Hitachi Walkman models

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Hitachi CP-7 cover

Hitachi CP-7

1983“A True Sport”
The CP-7 was the first all-weather cassette portable. The entire unit had to be placed in a specially designed weather-proof carry case . This was just a few months before the debut of Sony's first Sports Walkman, the WM-F5.
Hitachi CP-R40 cover
The Lo-D PeeWee is a Sharp OEM model with world frequency AM/FM tuner.
Hitachi CP-S20 cover
The Lo-D PeeWee CP-S20 is the lightest portable cassette player in the world, as it is an OEM of the Sharp KC-K99. There are no control buttons on the player, it always requires the remote control.
Hitachi CP-S3G cover

Hitachi CP-S3G

1987“The Woodman”
Sony OEM with the battery compartment integrated, non-detachable. The front door, finished in a wooden color, complements the golden hue of the body well.
Hitachi CP-S5R cover
Capable of recording in both directions. Besides the exterior design, identical to the CP-S6R.
Hitachi CP-S6R cover
Capable of recording in both directions.
Hitachi CP-T30 cover

Hitachi CP-T30

1990“The one and only”
Is this Sharp OEM portable cassette player the ONLY one that came with both a wired and a wireless remote control?