Catalog of Toshiba Walkman models

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Toshiba KT-4077 cover

Toshiba KT-4077

KT-4077 is the US export model of KT-GS5, KT-V770 the EU model. It came in black only, while KT-GS5 came in white, black and red.
Toshiba KT-AS2 cover
KT-AS2 succeeds KT-AS1: KT-AS2 has only one headphone jack and the tuner cards are different.
Toshiba KT-VS1 cover

Toshiba KT-VS1

1981“Out of tune(r)”
Tuner RP-AF1 is paired with this unit.
Toshiba RT-VS3 cover
Unlike KT-VS1 and KT-VS2, the AM/FM tuner is now built-in. This is last model in the RT-VS series, non auto-reverse. The RS-V300 is the portrait mode version.
Toshiba KT-GS20 cover

Toshiba KT-GS20

1989“Sharp dressed man”
Toshiba KT-GS30 cover
Marketed Japan, as export or tourist model, under KT-V870.
Toshiba KT-S3 cover
The KT-S3 was the 3rd in the KT-S series. It could be equipped with tuner pack RP-S2 for FM radio reception.