Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-GX788 cover

Sony WM-GX788

2003“Last GX”
The last model of GX series multi-function Walkman. With 3 different Sound enhancers: Mega Bass, Groove & Sound Revitalizer.
Sony WM-GX652 cover
Also known as the GX655 in JDM.
Sony WM-GX622 cover
The recording Walkman with AM/FM radio, based on the WM-GX614. 14X music search!
Sony WM-FX999 cover

Sony WM-FX999

1993“Dual headed+”
Dual head playback unit, based on the EX909/EX999, with radio.
Sony WM-FX85 cover
Adopts the international version of radio and charger
Sony WM-FX808 cover
The thickness of 23.8 mm is the thinnest among the radio models, with AM stereo and new area retrieval function.
Sony WM-FX77 cover
Equipped with intelligent dual preset radio
Sony WM-FX70 cover
Economical radio model. The wm-ex70 adds a radio feature at an affordable price and radio support worldwide. 1-touch automatic storage scan.
Sony WM-FX505 cover

Sony WM-FX505

1992“FX55 cousin”
The JDM version of the FX55, with AM Stereo!
Sony WM-FX413 cover
Related to the FX211 and FX21
Sony WM-FX315 cover
The radio equipped sister of the EX314, based on the FX303-305.
Sony WM-FX251 cover
Another simple Walkman, stable sound and good radio reception too
Sony WM-FX21 cover
Low cost all plastic unit
Sony WM-FS111 cover
Water Resistant Sports Series Design is specially designed for outdoor fun with rubber gaskets, bushings, and water resistant seals that help keep out water, moisture and dirt.