Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony WM-FX315 cover
The radio equipped sister of the EX314, based on the FX303-305.
Sony WM-FX251 cover
Another simple Walkman, stable sound and good radio reception too
Sony WM-FX21 cover
Low cost all plastic unit
Sony WM-FS111 cover
Water Resistant Sports Series Design is specially designed for outdoor fun with rubber gaskets, bushings, and water resistant seals that help keep out water, moisture and dirt.
Sony WM-F8 cover

Sony WM-F8

1984“WM-8 on air”
An AM/FM radio enabled WM-8
Sony WM-F75 cover
To describe the WM-F75 as a WM-75 with a built-in AM-FM radio...
Sony WM-F73 cover
The WM-F73 was very similar to the WM-F63, the only difference being that the radio offered an extra TV band.
Sony WM-F707 cover
Global radio, remote, recording model
Sony WM-F702 cover
Remote control and global radio functions.
Sony WM-F65 cover
A distant relative of the expandable WM-10 family, now with recording and radio but without the sliding mechanism and 2xAA batteries in the Walkman.
Sony WM-F606 cover
The wireless receiver can be used as an FM radio independently.
Sony WM-F60 cover
Radio Walkman with 5 band graphic equalizer
Sony WM-F57 cover
FM Stereo/AM, Auto reverse in a compact, Casual package. It has a built-in speaker on the front of the machine. The pocket-size is like a portable speaker. You can enjoy your favorite music anywhere.
Sony WM-F52 cover
Built-in three-band radio, which allows you to quickly and easily store your headphones by opening the back cover.
Sony WM-F509 cover
Equipped with TVFM/AM three-band radio function, the "sound beauty" series continues the elegant design and "noble" sound quality of wm-509.