Catalog of Sony Walkman models

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Sony YP-EW21 cover

Sony YP-EW21

1998“YPPY Spring-Summer '96” Professional
Part of a colourful range of moderately featured Walkmans, to appeal to a young audience.
Sony WM-WX88 cover
WM-WX88 has a waterproof wireless receiver
Sony WM-WX1 cover
Walkman featured with wireless headphones, released in 1995.
Sony WM-SX77 cover
Rugged construction and excellent waterproof performance long lost outdoor series walkman
Sony WM-RX77 cover
This is the tourist edition available in Japan. Unlike the domestic version, it includes a 100-240V battery charger and a power plug adapter as standard accessories.
Sony WM-R707 cover
Smallest recording Walkman ever! Dolby only for playback.
Sony WM-R55 cover
Walkman that used in Metal Gear Solid V - Phantom Pain.
Sony WM-R202 cover
The WM-R202 was very similar to the WM-102, but with one important difference, it could record.
Sony WM-R2 cover
Recording Walkman with high sensitive stereo capacitance microphone.
Sony WM-R15 cover
The Sony wm R15 is most known for its microphone headphone combo.
Sony WM-GX90 cover
World radio & timing recording
Sony WM-FX85 cover
Adopts the international version of radio and charger
Sony WM-FX808 cover
The thickness of 23.8 mm is the thinnest among the radio models, with AM stereo and new area retrieval function.
Sony WM-FX77 cover
Equipped with intelligent dual preset radio
Sony WM-FX70 cover
Economical radio model. The wm-ex70 adds a radio feature at an affordable price and radio support worldwide. 1-touch automatic storage scan.
Sony WM-FX251 cover
Another simple Walkman, stable sound and good radio reception too
Sony WM-FX21 cover
Low cost all plastic unit