Catalog of Sanyo Walkman models

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Sanyo EP-7 cover

Sanyo EP-7

1989“The real slim player”
Thinnest Walkman ever produced, with EP-7 as model number for the domestic Japanese market, ES-P7 for other countries. Thick gumstick.
Sanyo JJ-P101 cover

Sanyo JJ-P101

1989“See-through buttonology”
World's first cassette player with touch and transparent control buttons.
Sanyo JJ-P60 cover

Sanyo JJ-P60

1990“REMOCON model”
Unique elongated rechargable 2xAA (series) battery NBP-30P, 2 NiCD cells in shrink wrap.
Sanyo MR-333 cover
Unit commonly known as "GAL". Sound quality changeover switch, pitch control, energizing lamp, LR balance adjustment, talk switch for conversation, etc.