Catalog of Aiwa Walkman models

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Aiwa HS-EX3000 cover
A golden version of the JX70 Dolby C.
Aiwa HS-JX70 cover
A Dolby C capable unit, the base for JX707, JX707D and later EX3000, JX3000 and JX3000D.
Aiwa HS-JX707 cover
A Dolby C capable unit based on the JX70. JX707D features TV band (part of FM).
Aiwa HS-PL55 cover
Depending on the market also available as the HS-PL555.
Aiwa HS-PX30 cover
Feature packed Dolby C player with amorphous head and bi-azimuth adjustment for best frequency response in both playback directions. Also known as PX303 and PX900.
Aiwa HS-PX820 cover
Has a back-up battery in the remote control.
Aiwa HS-RX626 cover

Aiwa HS-RX626

1992“I'AM Stereo 2”
Aiwa HS-RX636 cover

Aiwa HS-RX636

1993“I'AM Stereo”
A bright blue rugged model with AM stereo and color matching sidecar.
Aiwa HS-U07 cover

Aiwa HS-U07

1984“Last radio card”
The last Aiwa unit with tuner cassette (AM/FM)